Manufacturing companies in the new industrialized countries make a significant contribution to their global innovation network. These manufacturers not only perform physical production and distribution functions but also design and engineering features in new product launch processes around the world. They may choose to be dedicated OEMs or sell their own branded goods. All strategies can be effective in terms of innovative mobility.

However, when the OEM manufacturing strategy is selected, a manufacturer must adopt an appropriate way to manage its product innovation process. A dedicated OEM should emphasize manufacturing flexibility and drive a product modeling strategy to increase the smoothness of network innovation while multifunctional integration is the key to successful branded branded manufacturers. Both OEMs and private label vendors, market orientation is crucial for networking innovation. Leading consequences and future guidelines for research are discussed.

ODM is a type of production mode that the manufacturer designs products according to the company’s wishes or needs. Then it could be purchased together with the latter brand name for production, or something modified to produce the design. This model allows other manufacturers to significantly reduce their development. In addition, the Millennium Development Goals have played an important role in the global economy in China.


As an ODM manufacturer, you must first get the customer according to the previous product model. Then the customer can increase the demand that suits their needs. Such as purpose, pattern, color and so on. When the customer accepts the mutual consent project, the most important step has been completed. At this stage, the designer can play a big part. When the customer approves the design, the manufacturer must offer a true selection instead of a drawing. Then the employee can produce a test.

Of course, you must take the test to the customer. The client could present problems and advice based on the modifiable principle. For the step is the most complicated, the ODM manufacturer would spend a relatively long time. Perhaps it’s a simple matter for the experience producer. They can always design a satisfied OEM product. And you need an experienced designer and a skilled worker.

In industrial culture, OEM vs ODM can be defined as common. Of manufacturing costs, transportation convenience, saving time and some other considerations, well-known brand organizations are usually ready to find additional OEM and ODM manufacturers.

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