The Risks and Rewards of Buying Products from Abroad to Sell on eBay

I am sure you have noticed the small labels on many products that say “Made in China”. It seems that more and more of our merchandise is produced abroad, where it can be created at an incredibly cheap price. As an eBay seller, you might be interested in buying products from China to sell on eBay, reduce your costs and increase your profits.

However, before you start looking for sourcing products from China to sell on eBay, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind, making sure you are making the right decision.

The risks

An advantage of working with a wholesale provider in the country where you live is your ability to communicate with them easily. They are only one call away, possibly even a short car trip, and therefore can be contacted if any of their purchased products does not meet their standards or is delivered late. However, when it comes to a wholesale supplier in China, that luxury is not available. Although some companies will provide you with a contact number, it is not always easy to communicate due to time differences and other problems, so email is your only real means of communicating. And an email is too easy to ignore.

Many wholesale suppliers are perfectly genuine and will provide you with an excellent product for an excellent price. However, the same can not be said of all the companies with which it can deal. It may be more difficult to find opinions or recommendations from companies abroad, which means that there is often more risk, especially with your first order. You may find that the products do not meet your required standard, or that the branded products actually turn out to be imitations. In the worst case, you may find that your money is taken and no goods are received.

The rewards

The risks associated with the supply of products from China to sell on eBay could well be offset by the rewards, the most obvious of which is the price. Buying products directly from the factory can save you pounds on every purchase, even with shipping costs, which significantly increases your profit margin.

There are also several ways of sourcing products from China, either through a wholesale supplier or a sender. In the case of a shipper, he will pass the order information to his supplier, who will send the product directly to his client. The wholesale suppliers, on the other hand, will publish the shares for you to sell them. Although this gives you additional quality control, since you can see the product before shipping it, there may be additional postage charges to consider from shipping to you, and then sending you to your customer.

Choose to buy Chinese

If you take care when choosing your Chinese partner, you could soon benefit from a profitable and profitable source of income. Before delivering any money, be sure to read the reviews and recommendations of other users to avoid any costly misjudgment, and make sure the company is well established.

Buying products from China to sell on eBay does not need to be an intimidating or expensive process. Be careful in your dealings, but do not dismiss it as a very real means of obtaining large profits.

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