Top Product Sources for Amazon

There are many different ways to find products to sell on Amazon. Below are the best ways to find products that can be sold on Amazon.

Wholesalers: This is probably the best way to get products that new and come in retail packaging. Wholesalers are part of the retail supply chain and many are willing to work with an e-business. Finding them, however, can be surprisingly tricky. They don’t advertise often on the Internet and the last place to look for them is a search engine. One way to find them is to figure out who manufactures the item you want to sell, contact the manufacturer and ask them to give you the list of wholesalers they work with to distribute their product. Then begin contacting the wholesalers yourself and see if they are willing to set up an account with you. You will need a reseller’s license if you want to do business with them and they will ask for this documentation

Importing products from China can be very lucrative. There are several import companies that you can work with that will provide you with in demand products at prices that will give you a very good profit margin. Some will even dropship the products for you, freeing you up from having to store product yourself.

Trade shows are a very good way to come out with a lot of information about a lot of different companies selling products. Be prepared when you attend a trade show by knowing what your market research has shown you about specific products for your niche. While you are there pick up anything you do not know much about and research it later, you may run into an idea. Trade shows are typically held at a convention center in most major cities throughout the world and the dates of these events can be found at online.

If you do not have the time or money to attend trade shows you may want to consider sourcing products for Amazon from a product sourcing expert. This is a very flexible method because you can get immediate information on wholesale suppliers and distributors for certain types of products with specific shipping methods. Some product sourcing experts may only have sourced products in certain markets and may have some really good suppliers in mind for that market but fail to support anything else related.

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