Bass Fishing

Sensitivity In Bass Fishing

Choosing the appropriate rod to accomodate the different types of lures is extremely important. For example, flipping and pitching requires a lightweight rod. You wouldn’t require a heavyweight to cast top water baits. The same applies to spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Sensitivity is another area many anglers don’t understand too well. I wonder how many fish have bitten without the angler realising he or she had a bite? Sensitivity will allow you to work out what is happening with your bait. It will also give you a guide to just how prosperous a day you will enjoy on the water. With enough sensitivity in a rod, you will be able to determine if the slightest of tugs on your line was from a fish or just a water ripple. It’s that important.

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How Important Are Guides

Firstly, if you’re a novice then you’re probably wondering what a guide is. They are the small frames along the rod the line travels through and the number of guides on a rod depends on it’s length. Generally, a 7′ foot carbon fiber rod should contain at least nine guides. Their importance can’t be underestimated particularly from a casting and sensitivity point-of-view. The guides play a big part in helping the fisherman make “head or tails” of the signals being transmitted back to the rod.

There are so many rods on the market today that it must seem like an ocean of choice, particularly for newcomers, when searching for a bass fishing rod. If you walk into a fishing store then be guided by the salesperson and make sure you are armed with a ton of questions. You need to fish for information before you fish the bass.