Tips for managing the price of transportation from China to the United States

If you are going to send items from China to the US, freight cost is always considered as an important factor that would affect your decisions. Learning to manage freight rates can not only help you reduce the cost, but also get the most economical way to ship from China to the US.

To manage China’s freight price, we must learn the calculation methods. In general, the cost of air transport will be calculated by the weight or volume of the goods. If the volume of the package is smaller and the weight is greater, the cost will be charged for the actual weight. On the contrary, if the package is light but excellent, it will be charged for the volume.

As the shipping rates will be calculated according to the rates, you must find out the freight rates from China to the United States. Tariffs are applied from one airport to another, which does not include other additional expenses, such as the withdrawal of goods, customs clearance and deposit fees. There are four main types of air fare, including the general transportation fare, the specific commodity fare, the class fare, and the unified fare. You can calculate costs based on your type of merchandise.

As for the cost of China’s shipping, you will have to pay more effort in the details. As we know, maritime transport always contains a series of steps that charge a lot for the cost of transport. The shipping from China to US cost involves packing, documentation, loading and unloading, transportation and insurance charges.

In addition, the price of shipping varies according to the different shipping methods. There are three main types of ocean freight rates, which include freight rate, chartering and container freight. Therefore, to manage the freight price from China to the USA, You must know all the details about the cost of freight.

Once you learn the components of the shipping costs in the shipment, you can find the corresponding way to manage them. From my point of view, consulting the international freight forwarder can help us obtain the shipping cost conveniently. In addition to the offer offered by the international transport agent, we can also obtain the appropriate shipping price from our transport agent.

There is no denying that learning to manage the price can help us save on the cost of shipping, even to obtain the cheapest way to send from China. Since different transport distances would also affect the cost. For example, if you want to ship to another country, such as Canada, the price of freight from China to Canada will differ from the price of freight from China to the United States. Therefore, when managing the freight price, you must take into account all related factors.

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